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"Veterans Helping Veterans"

AMVETS, also known as American Veterans, holds the distinction of being the most inclusive veterans service organization established by congressional charter in the United States. It serves as an advocacy group for a significant population of 20 million veterans who have honorably served in the United States military, encompassing the personnel who have served in the Reserve and Guard as well. The nationwide membership exceeds a quarter of a million individuals.


The core objective of this organization is to augment and protect the various benefits that American veterans are entitled to, and to strive towards improving the standard of living for veterans, their families, and the communities they belong to. For over seven decades, AMVETS has been a distinguished veteran's service organization in America, renowned for its commitment to supporting veterans and their families through various initiatives, partnerships, and charitable endeavors.


AMVETS received a congressional charter on July 23, 1947, through the enactment of Public Law 216-80th Congress by President Harry Truman. This legislation enabled the establishment of organizations on college campuses that are dedicated to veterans' affairs and serve as advocates for American policies and initiatives supporting veterans.

AMVETS grants scholarships on a yearly basis to outstanding high school scholars, Junior Reserve Officers' Training corps participants, and members of the military (both active-duty and veteran) who are seeking to further their education. At the local level, there are also opportunities available for scholarships.

AMVETS consistently lobbies on behalf of veteran rights at the federal level in Washington, D.C. Their areas of focus encompass national security, provision of services to homeless veterans, augmentation of funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs, precise allocation of benefits payments, facilitation of veteran employment and training, and ensuring the accountability of prisoners of war and those who have gone missing in action, in addition to safeguarding the American flag.

In addition, AMVETS has made substantial financial contributions towards the restoration and maintenance of prominent national monuments, such as the USS Arizona, Statue of Liberty, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Every American Veteran post formulates its own tailored veterans' outreach initiatives to effectively enhance the well-being of veterans in their respective localities. The White Clover Program serves as a platform for veterans to foster social connections, acquire resources, and provides aid to fellow veterans residing in the local area.

AMVETS incorporates the National Service Foundation (NSF) as a subsidiary entity with a 501c(3) status. The NSF aims to finance programs that have a direct, positive effect on the well-being and quality of life of American veterans. The National Service Officer Program, Memorial Carillon Program, and Americanism Program are all constituent elements encompassed within the NSF.

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A New Standard of Service

The AMVETS Washington Service Office proudly possesses a long standing legacy of excellence in advocating for the rights and benefits of the veterans and active service members within the Puget Sound community. We offer comprehensive services inclusive of professional, accredited VA Claims preparation and representation, as well as, facilitation in accessing critical resources such as housing, employment, financial aid, VA health care, and more.

Our staff is comprised of dedicated, VA accredited Department Service Officers, all with unique military backgrounds and specialized areas of focus. Our office also has the privilege of employing one of the only full-time female service officers in the region with expertise in Military Sexual Trauma, Domestic Violence, and Women Veteran Healthcare.

Our Transition Program is specially crafted to offer assistance to service members in their shift from active duty to civilian life, while also facilitating the access they have to their benefits and delivering a personalized introduction to the VA. 

We are also proud members of the Pacific Northwest Veterans Coalition, an extensive network of veteran community partners offering a diverse array of services, inclusive of everything from housing to mental health care.

Our services are entirely FREE and available to all veterans and service members. 

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