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Connecting you
with your Veteran community

While acknowledging the significance of claims in the overall welfare of our Veterans and Service Members, our organization recognizes that they do not represent the entire scope of the matter at hand. This office is committed to active community engagement and dedicated to offering valuable resources in areas that require additional support. Ensuring the protection of the rights of our female veterans is one of those critical objectives. Providing access to resources and support for veterans without homes is another.


If any form of assistance is needed, regardless of whether it pertains to a claim or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us. We remain committed to providing unwavering support and assistance to all our  Veterans and Service Members.

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."


Margaret Fuller

Meet our Community Partners

Below are a few of our incredible veteran community partners. Each organization and program is a valuable asset to not only the Puget Sound region, but the entire state of Washington. Our office is proud to stand next to them as we strive to provide our veterans with compassion, care, and excellent service. You'll find veteran resources of all kinds, including employment and housing, as well as progressive and innovative approaches to mental health and veteran health care. 

For a complete list of partners and resources, click the link below
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WDVA offers long-term care in our four State Veteran Homes (the Washington Soldiers Home, the Washington Veterans Home, the Spokane Veterans Home, and the Walla Walla Veterans Home) for honorably discharged veterans, spouses of residents, widows of eligible veterans, and Gold Star Parents.

The Veterans Services and Counseling and Wellness Divisions provide claims assistance as well as counseling services for veterans and their family members. And our State Veterans Cemetery honors veterans in their final resting place.

Bringing you the human side of healthcare.

Health is at the core of everything we do

Since 1961, Humana has been committed to helping people live healthy and happy.

Our approach is simple—offer personalized care from people who care. We do this by listening to our members and creating solutions to help them reach the best version of themselves.

We’re also deeply invested in towns and cities across the country, and we strive to support and improve communities at a local level.

NineLine Veteran Services uses innovative programs and services to support Veterans, their families, and the community. 

Programs include: 

  • Veteran Activities

  • Business and employment

  • Housing

  • Partnerships

  • Outreach

  • Wellness

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