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Abstract Horizon


Founder - Victoria Burgess





Meeting Hours:

Thursday Evenings: 18:00 - 19:30 / 20:00

Abstract Horizon

WWOA was established to give both Active Duty and Veteran women a safe space to have their voices heard, surrounded by those who are supportive and like-minded. ​

Too often service women find themselves isolated, without a support system, and no one to mentor them or turn to. WWOA nurtures an environment of respect, trust, and support, no matter what rank you are. Through WWOA, that isolation melts away.

Every week on either Wednesday or Thursday, we get together in person and on zoom to talk about the "tough stuff". We go over topics such as EO, Sharp, Isolation, Domestic Violence, but we also talk about the day to day issues. It's a safe place to come and have your voice heard without anyone judging you or reporting to your command. Each one of our service women have their own experiences and are there to support and empower. 

We also focus on healing! Self forgiveness. Overcoming our challenges. Rediscovering that unique female identity we all have. 


Outside of group, WWOA focuses heavily on healing through doing for others. We take on yearly fundraising projects, such as adopting the wish of the child of a service member through Make A Wish. We are active in our community and thrive on helping others overcome their own adversity!


Come see what the sisterhood is all about and discover the power of unity. 


Be the change you want to see

We can't always control what goes on, on the outside. But we can control what goes on, on the inside. WWOA is for service members, run by service members. It's a sisterhood designed to empower, support, and inspire.

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